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Empowering the Future of Technology: Talentely's IT Solutions for Corporates
Talentely provides IT staffing and training solutions to help companies stay competitive. Our range of services meets the evolving needs of all IT industries.
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We Help Companies Scale Their IT Workforce and Hire Hard-to-Fill Roles
Unleash access to untapped talent pools to deliver more hires in half the time. Go beyond traditional job boards and LinkedIn to access more than 800 million profiles with information from 45 tech platforms including GitHub, AngelList, Kaggle and Stack Overflow.
Common Roles Sourced Using Talentely
Software Development and Engineering
Network and System Administration
Data Analytics and Management
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Cloud Computing
Project Management and IT Consulting
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We Help High-Performing Enterprise Companies and Startups Move Even Faster
50% less time sourcing
5x more qualified leads
80% contact finding rate

Tech-Ready Talent: Our Specialized Staffing

  • Tailored IT recruitment for highly skilled professionals.
  • Get access to a network of IT experts in various tech fields.
  • Cost-effective IT staffing solution for short/long-term needs.

Up-skilling for Success: Our Customized Training Programs

  • Offer industry-specific training programs for tech updates and best practices.
  • Flexible training options, in-person or online, to fit the company schedule and budget.
  • Experienced trainers with industry experience for relevant training.
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Data-Driven Hiring: Our Advanced Recruitment Analytics

  • Data-driven insights to find the best candidates for open positions.
  • Automated tools for candidate tracking and assessment to streamline recruitment.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting to measure recruitment strategy effectiveness.

Unlock IT workforce potential with Talentely - Connects to the best talent, streamlines recruitment, and drives organization innovation.
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Frequently asked questions
What kind of IT professionals does Talentely provide?
Talentely trains students in IT tech and provides entry-level talent to IT companies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Edge Computing, Quantum Computing, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, DevOps, Digital Marketing, and more.
How does Talentely ensure the quality of its candidates?
Talentely offers a comprehensive training program with courses, coding, video lectures, and PPT-PDF content. Students earn credit points to boost their employability index scores (EIS) and are placed in companies based on EIS. LMS platform also provided for institutions to monitor student progress.
How does Talentely differ from other recruitment companies?
Talentely aggregates institutions, corporates, and talent for democratized entry-level talent acquisition and focuses on building candidates' employability index scores for career success.
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