Why Talentely?

Welcome to Talentely , the ultimate destination for entry-level talent democratization!
Welcome to Talentely , the ultimate destination for entry-level talent democratization!

Why Talentely?

Talentely integrates institutions, corporates, and talents, engages students, provides skill insights, offers diverse learning options, and rewards hard work, making it the ideal choice for hiring.
Talentely: The #1 AI-Powered Talentely recruiting Platform
That's why we developed Talentely (formerly Hiretual), an AI-powered outbound recruitment platform to help you solve those problems and help jobs find people. With Talentely, you can execute a strategically scalable approach to build your workforce of the future.
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Talentely efficiently and effectively integrates institutions, corporates, and talents in one platform for streamlined talent acquisition.

Talentely targeted AI filters 
Talent Market Insights
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Effective Responses

Our platform offers a unique three-step approach to ensure maximum student engagement and motivation for a successful first career destination.
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Overall talent move data
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Insights :

Recruiting With Critical Benchmarking Insights

Talentely 's EIS system provides valuable skill and employability insights, making it easier for employers to identify top talent.
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Learning :

Enrich and Rediscover LMS

Our LMS offers diverse courses, including coding, video lectures, and content, to build EIS and increase placement chances in companies based on scores.
Talentely EZ Rediscovery interface
Entterprise Ties EZ Integration by Talentely
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Rewards :

Talentely rewards hard work with credit points for platform questions, redeemable for the desired job.
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Resources to help you learn more about Talentely.
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